ANFA Referee course begins in Surkhet

March 8, 2017 - The ANFA Referee Training Programme 2073 has begun under the auspices of Surkhet District Football Association at Surkhet on Wednesday. The programme falls under the annual calendar of All Nepal Football Association.

In the opening ceremony of the programme, Vice-President of the All Nepal Football Association Mani Kunwar spoke about the importance of referee in the game and also added that the referee can be pursued as a professional career now. He also asked the participants make full use of the 5-day course. He also added that the Association will now introduce development courses (coaches, referees) in districts outside Kathmandu too.

In the programme, Ex-Co Member and Chairman of the referee committee, Ganesh Bahadur Chand said that this is the primary level of the course and the best ones will be upgraded to next level. He also asked the participants to take the course seriously and produce the best outcome of this course in the field. He also said that the referee's caliber will be tested based on their in-field performances.

Vice President of Surkhet DFA Janak Bahadur Rawal delivered the welcome speech while President of Surkhet District Sports Development Committee, Chandra Kumar Giri wished the participants all the best. He also thanked the Association for organizing such course in the district for the first time. ANFA Vice President Bir Bahadur Khadka and Ex-Co Member Ramesh Rayamajhi were also present in the programme.

The 5-day referee course will be conducted by Referee Instructors Surendra Sikhrakar and Kiran Giri and FIFA Referee Sudish Kr. Pandey. During the course, the participants will undertake theoretical classes and exams as well as the fitness tests. Those participants who pass both the tests will be awarded ANFA Referee Badge.

The participants from 7 District FAs from Mid and Far Western Region are participating in the course. The participants are:

1.       Shivahari Sharma   Dang

2.       Khum Bdr. Oli                         ,,

3.       Shakti Man Buda    ,,

4.       Rohan Gautam                        ,,

5.       Bhim Gurung                           Bardia

6.       Yam Bdr. Gharti                      ,,

7.       Bindu chaudhary    ,,

8.       Krishna gopal Chaudhary

9.       Anup Singh Chaudhary

10.    Bharat Mahat                          Kanchanpur

11.    Narendra Bista                        ,,

12.    Dipak Kumar Singh ,,

13.    Kapil singh                               ,,

14.    Naresh Datta Rawal                Jumla

15.    Subash shahi                           ,,

16.    Man Bdr. Buda Chhetri         ,,

17.    Sher Singh Thakuri                 ,,

18.    Samathing Malla     Bankey

19.    Bhagiram Bohara    ,,

20.    Nab Kiran Shah                       ,,

21.    Chandra Bohara                     Kailali

22.    Nar Bahadur Karki  ,,

23.    Haris Bhatta                             ,,

24.    Susul Rana Magar   ,,

25.    Mamata Rai                             Surkhet

26.    Govinda Shrestha   ,,

27.    Abhishek Singh                       ,,

28.    Narayan Thapa                        ,,

29.    Siraya Thapamagar ,,

30.    Gambir Punmagar  ,,

31.    Dham raj Thapa Magar,,

32.    Krishna Rawal                         ,,

33.    Khim Bogati                             ,,

34.    Ganesh Khadka                       ,,