ANFA / AFC A License Course

Course Overview

Course Detail:

To attend this course all applicants must have completed (and passed) the (updated) ANFA/AFC B Diploma or currently hold an AFC B Licence or AFC A Licence as minimum criteria.

This Course is designed for Coaches in the advanced pathway with the ambition to work in the Professional environment or Coaches interested in furthering their knowledge, a Licence update or develop a better understanding of the ANFA Football Philosophy and the National Playing Style. This Course also encourages Coaches to develop their own Philosophy based their own beliefs and preferred playing style.

In addition to the above the Course outcomes we hope to achieve are a better understanding of Match Day, Match Analysis, Developing a periodisation plan. 

The course will also cover the many additional expectations of the Head Coach in a modern Elite environment such as Media, Strength & Conditioning, Nutrition, Managing Staff, Team Building and Match Day Management etc.

Coaches will be required to pass an exam and submit both individual session plans and long term plans (annual plan) to acquire the A Diploma.

All exams and submissions will be completed within the specified time frame. The A Diploma will be valid for 3 years after completion of the course and attendance at workshops, course updates or online updates will be required to maintain accreditation beyond 3 years.

These updates will be made available to all registered coaches.

All courses will be advertised on our website if you wish to find out about the next available course in your area click here and you will be redirected to our courses. 

All applications must be made through the on-line process.

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