ANFA National Technical Network Seminar begins at the ANFA Complex

  • 2019-11-10

The two-day ANFA National Technical Network Seminar 2019 began at the ANFA Complex on Sunday.

Coaches from all the province are attending the seminar which is aimed to update the coaches of the province and districts with their duties. 

ANFA President Karma Tsering Sherpa gave the opening remarks and said, " Football is constantly developing all over Nepal and we are committed to offer our support and services to the coaches involved. "

" The duty of the appointed coaches is to ensure grassroots movements in their districts and province. We have to raise the football development activities smoothly and systematically across the country."

"Together we can strengthen the foundation and I wish all the participants a good luck for a successful seminar," said President Karma Tsering Sherpa.

ANFA Technical Director Garry Philips also took the stage, speaking about the seminar. " I am very glad to be in a country where football is the number one sports. It's wonderful to see your attendance and I will look forward to get know each of you in your areas with your roles. Hopefully we can work together for many good things," highlighted Phillips.

He was later joined by Upendra Man Singh, ANFA Vice President, Member of Technical Committee and Coordinator of Grassroots and Youth Development Programme and Krishna Thapa, ANFA Vice President and Chairman of Technical Committee who both underlined the importance of the seminar saying," Coaches are the crucial part in developing football in a country. We develop coaches and in return they develop players."

Norio Tsukitate, Academy Director of all the four technical centers in Butwal, Rautahat, Dharan and Kathmandu was also introduced among the delegates in the occassion. Norio will be appointed as ANFA Academy Director under JFA initatives on 13 November, 2019. 

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