Martyr's Memorial 'C' Division League 2023 to begin from May 15

The Martyr's Memorial 'C' Division League 2023 will kick-off from May 15.

A meeting between ANFA and the clubs' representatives at ANFA Complex in Satdobato on Friday agreed on the date for the league.

An earlier meeting with the clubs had already decided on the prize money for the competition.

The Champions of the league will win Rs 1 million with the runner up and second runner up taking away Rs 700,000 and Rs 400,000 respectively. A Fair Play team will receive Rs 50,000 and the Best Player will also receive the same amount of money. The Highest Scorer and Best Goalkeeper will receive Rs 35,000 each.  

The winning team of each match will also win Rs 20,000. However, if the match is drawn, the two sides will share Rs 7,500 each. Player of the match of each match will receive Rs 5,000.

ANFA will provide Rs 1.1 million to each 14 clubs as preparation amount.

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A Division tie-sheet to be drawn on Friday

The Martyr's Memorial 'A' Division League 2023 tie-sheet will be drawn on January 20.

The tie-sheet was originally scheduled on January 16 but was postponed after the government announced mourning day on the same day to mourn the Yeti Airlines crash on January 15.

The tie-sheet will be drawn at 3 pm at ANFA Complex.

The Martyr's Memorial 'A' Division League 2023 will be played in double round robin format from March 3.

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Emergency Ex-Co meeting approves conduction of A Division Leagues, fixes ticket prices

The emergency Executive Committee meeting of All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) approved the conduction of the Martyr's Memorial 'A' Division League 2023 and Martyr's Memorial 'B' Division League 2023 from March 3 and March 29 respectively.

A League Organizing Committee has also been formed under the coordination by Pankaj Bikram Nembang with all ANFA Ex-Co members as the committee's members. The ticket for the upcoming leagues have also been fixed with tickets costing Rs 300 and 100 for VIP and normal parapets of the A Division League and Rs 100 for B and C division leagues.  

ANFA will also invite tenders for the broadcasting rights of the A, B and C division leagues for Rs 6 million. The ticketing rights and commercial and marketing rights excluding the title sponsor of the A Division League will also be sold for at least Rs 15 million each. ANFA secretariat has been bestowed with the responsibility to invite required tenders for the leagues.

A three-member integrity committee has also been formed for the leagues.

The meeting held at ANFA Complex in Satdobato on Friday also decided to accept the international friendly match proposal by All India Football Federation (AIFF) for national women's team. AIFF has proposed friendlies on February 13-25 in India.

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'B' Division League to begin from March 29, preparation amount increased

A meeting between All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) and B Division Clubs decided on the starting date of Martyr's Memorial 'B' Division League 2023.

As per the agreement between ANFA and clubs, the league will begin from March 29.

ANFA has also increased the preparation money for the clubs to Rs 1.45 million. It is an increment from the previous amount of Rs 1.25 million.

The meeting also decided the clubs will have to submit entry forms by February 12. They will also have to register at least 20 players by March 21.

ANFA President Pankaj Bikram Nembang, Vice President Dawa Lama, General Secretary Kiran Rai, Spokesperson Suresh Shah and representatives from all 14 B Division Clubs were present in the meeting.

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