Deputy Mayor Cup National Women's League Qualifiers results

  • 2021-10-21

All the match summaries of the Deputy Mayor Cup National Women's League Qualifiers 2078 will be uploaded here.

Match 42: Lalitpur Metropolitan City 4-6 Dhangadhi Sub Metropolitan City (Penalties)

Match 41: Dhangadhi Sub Metropolitan City 4-0 Gauriganga Municipality Kailali

Match 40: Kankai Municipality Jhapa 0-1 Lalitpur Metropolitan City

Match 39: Godawari Municipality Kailali 0-3 Kankai Muncipality Jhapa

Match 38: Rong Rural Municipality Ilam 3-4 Gauriganga Municipality Kailali (Penalties)

Match 37: Bansgadhi Municipality Bardiya 1-12 Dhangadhi Sub Metropolitan City

Match 36: Shivasatakshi Municipality Jhapa 0-4 Lalitpur Metropolitan City 

Match 35: Tulsipur Sub Metropolitan City Dang 1-4 Rong Rural Municipality Ilam

Match 34: Kankai Municipality Jhapa 3-1 Sunkoshi Rural Municipality Sindhupalchok (Penalties) 

Match 33: Chaudandigadhi Municipality Udaypur 0-1 Dharan Sub Metropolitan City (Conclusion of group stage games)

Match 32: Gauriganga Municipality Kailali 4-0 Barahakshetra Muncipality Sunsari

Match 31: Gokarneshwor Municipality Kathmandu 4-0 Dhankuta Municipality

Match 30: Birendranagar Municipality Surkhet 0-1 Godawari Municipality Kailali

Match 29: Tulsipur Municipality Dang 3-2 Gaidakot Municipality Nawalpur

Match 28: Sunkoshi Municipality Sindhupalchok 6-0 chaudandigadhi Municipality Udaypur

Match 27: Bedkot Municpality Kanchanpur 1-1 Gauriganga Municpality Kailali

Match 26: Dhangadhi Sub Metropolitan City 1-1 Gokarneshwor Municipality

Match 25: Pokhara Metropolitan City 1-4 Birendranagar Municipality

Match 24: Hetauda Sub Metropolitan City 0-2 Tulsipur Municipality Dang

Match 23: Dharan Sub Metropolitan City 1-4 Sunkoshi Rural Municipality Sindhupalchok

Match 22: Barahakshhetra Municipality Sunsari 0-3 Bedkot Municipality Kanchanpur

Match 6: Simkot Rural Municipality Humla 0-9 Kathmandu Metropolitan City

Match 21: Dhankuta Municipality 0-5 Dhangadhi Sub Metropolitan City

Match 20: Godawari Municipality Kailali 6-0 Pokhara Metropolitan City

Match 19: Gaidakot Municipality Nawalpur 1-0 Hetauda Sub Metropolitan City Makwanpur  

Match 18: Rong Rural Municipality Ilam 11-0 Simkot Rural Municipality Humla 

Match 17: Devchuli Municipality Nawalpur  7-0 Janaki Rural Municipality Kailali

Match 16: Putalibazaar Municipality Syangja 1-8 Bhaktapur Municipality

Match 15: Lalitpur Metropolitan City 1-1 Kalika Municipality Chitwan 

Match 14: Bagmati Municipality Sarlahi 1-1 Kankai Municipality Jhapa 

Match 13: Mahalaxmi Municipality Lalitpur 3-5 Godawari Municipality Lalitpur Lalitpur

Match 12: Kathmandu Metropolitan City 0-0 Rong Rural Municipality Ilam 

Match 11: Shivasatakshi Municipality Jhapa 1-0 Devchuli Municipality Nawalpur 

Match 10: Bansgadhi Municipality Bardiya 18-0 Putalibazaar Municipality Syangja

Match 9: Kageshwori Manahara Municipality Kathmandu 0-10 Lalitpur Metropolitan City

Match 8: Godawari Municipality Lalitpur 0-7 Bagmati Municipality Sarlahi 

Match 7: Kankai Municipality Jhapa 19-0 Mahalaxmi Municipality Lalitpur

Match 6: Simkot Rural Municipality Humla vs Kathmandu Metropolitan City

(Match postponed to October 28)

Match 5: Janaki Rural Municipality Kailali 0-4 Shivasatakshi Municipality Jhapa

Match 4: Bhaktapur Municipality 0-12 Bansgadhi Municipality Bardiya

Match 3: Kalika Municipality Chitwan 10-0 Kageshwori Manahara Municipality Kathmandu 

Match 2: Kankai Municipality Jhapa 12-0 Godawari Municipality Lalitpur

Match 1: Mahalaxmi Municipality Lalitpur 0-9 Bagmati Municipality Sarlahi

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