NRT, Satdobato to run football academies

  • 2021-07-21

New Road Team (NRT) and Satdobato Youth Club (SYC) have reached a six year agreement with Laboratory School and Little Angles School respectively to run football academy.

A tripartite agreement was reached between the clubs, school and All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) amid a special programme at ANFA Complex on Wednesday.

As per the agreement, 14 players―seven players from the clubs and school―will join the academy for the first year. The players will train with the club while continuing their study in the school.

For the second year, the clubs will provide 14 players taking the total players to 21.

SYC's President Kapil Rana Magar and Little Angles School Principal Mukunda Raj Sharma signed the agreement to run the academy named LAS-Satdobato Youth Football Academy.

Similarly, NRT President Sundar Joshi and Laboratory School Principal Lakhpa Sherpa signed the agreement. The academy will be named Laboratory NRT Youth Football Academy.

ANFA Vice President and Grassroots and Youth Coordinator Upendra Man Singh signed in the agreements from ANFA.

Five-time league champions NRT and SYC, who were promoted to the top tier this year, become the second clubs after Sankata Club which signed similar agreement with Nexus School to run the academy.

ANFA President Karma Tsering Sherpa and Vice President Shixit Parajuli, General Secretary Indraman Tuladhar among other ANFA officials, club officials and school staffs were also present in the programme.

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