FIFA/ANFA Refereeing Course Begins at ANFA Complex

  • 2019-11-12

FIFA/ANFA Refereeing Course begins at the ANFA Complex, Satdobato today.

The five-day course is being conducted by FIFA Referee Instructor Ahmad Khalidi Bin Supian and John Chia Eng Wah. The guest's educator is supported by the five-member referee instructor of ANFA.

A total of 31 referees are participating in the course.

"There is lot to think and plan on how to improve the quality of referees in Nepal. And the courses like this will help us to give full support and services to the referees," said ANFA President Karma Tsering Sherpa.

FIFA instructor John said," FIFA has always emphasized on one of the important pillar of development of the game. And this includes development of referees. FIFA and AFC has invested lot of resources in developing referee instructors and referees. And nowadays in modern football referees are more knowledgeable and more aware about what's happening in football and football world."

"There are too many referees in the developed countries and we need more in the developing countries like Nepal. We are looking forward to give you the support and help to develop the referee. And with the positive change in your federation and administration I believe that you are moving to right directions," concluded John.

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