New Road Team defeats Armed Police Force by a goal in 3 - 2 vicotry.

  • 2020-01-19

NRT defeats APF in ongoing Qatar Airways Martyr's Memorial 'A' Division League at Dashrath Stadium on Sunday. NRT was dominant on APF in the first half as they created a lot of opportunities but could not capitalize on most of them. NRT took the lead on the 24th minute of the match courtesy of Andre Therry Biyik's header.

APF was back on the game on 41st minute of the match as Aashish Lama leveled the score with the help of the lovely assist from Nabin Lama. APF was a bit dominant at the start of the second half. They switched their defensive game to attacking mode and were able to take the lead on the game as Aashish Lama scored the goal from a free-kick at the bottom right corner shocking everyone at the 53rd minute of the match.

APF got unlucky at the latter half of the game as the score was leveled with an own goal from Birendra Prakash Yadav at the 80th minute of the match. NRT took the lead in the game for the second time as Darsan Lama scored a goal in the 85th minute of the match. APF tried to comeback in the match but the shot from Pradip Lama was saved by the keeper in the 93rd minute.

Kelme man of the match was awarded to Eric Bista for his all-round performance.

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