Foreign Recruit fined after breach of code of conduct

  • 2020-03-01

Two foreign 'A' Division players has been fined by the All Nepal Football Association after a breach of ANFA Player Registration Regulation 2076 and Mofasal Football Tournament Regulation 2076.

Saraswoti Youth's Kazeem Adegoke Busari and Brigade Boys Club's Tajudeen Adekunle Busari were found playing from Chaysal Youth Club and Satashi Than Sports Club in the Rhino Gold Club and Satasi Gold Cup last week.

The FA has ordered the players to a fine of Rs. 25, 000 (Nepalese Rupees).

As per the rule, a clubs contarct to any of the player for the recetly held Qatar Airways Martyr's Memorial 'A' Division League 2076 will last till the month pf Jestha of the year 2077. A club can loan out a nepalese player to maximum two clubs while a foreign player can be loaned by only one club.  

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