Happy ANFA Day! Message from ANFA President Karma Tsering Sherpa

  • 2020-05-04

Happy ANFA Day!

On behalf of the All Nepal Football Association, I would like to wish all the players, district football associations, clubs, sponsors, fans and all the stake holders of Nepali Football a Happy ANFA Day 2077.

We at the All Nepal Football Association have been celebrating 22 Baisakh as ANFA Day since last year. For the first time in the history of Nepali football an award ceremony glittered with live performances and gatherings of all football stake holders was organized by the association. The program received applauds from everyone involved in football. Not just the local community but the international football world was equally in praises for the step taken towards motivating the players, officials and other stake holders of the game.

 This year's we had planned an even greater ceremony to mark the day, but due to the current situation we have been forced to cancel the event. The year gone by saw Nepali football scale new heights. These moments needs to be treasured and the people involved in it should be rewarded for their efforts.

But there is always next time for merry making gatherings if you are healthy and safe. The key priority of everyone around the world at this time is staying safe and healthy.

I request all of you to stay at your home and follow the government instructions imposed for the well being of its citizen.

For the first time, we the entire world, are all playing for the same team. Our opponent is disease. Let's all play together to beat the coronavirus as nothing is more important than staying safe and healthy.

In the end, my sincere gratitude to all the players, officials, clubs, district football association, sponsors and fans for making the year eventful, productive and memorable.

Here's hoping for another year of productivity, happiness and solidarity.

A Happy ANFA Day to all of us!

Best regards,

Karma Tsering Sherpa

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