ANFA invites application from schools for U-15 football tourney

  • 2020-09-22

All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) has invited application from schools in the Kathmadu valley and Kavre district to take part in the Inter School City League Football Tournament.

Schools meeting the preset conditions from Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur and Kavre districts can apply for the tournament. The tournament has been planned at the end of November this year.

ANFA states the tournament can provide an opportunity for young footballers to showcase their footballing skills and design a path for a footballing career.

As per the conditions, the schools should have their own football ground which can hold home matches. Schools with a U-15 team with 23-30 members and a coach with 'AFC 'C' (Licence) Coaching Certificate Course' are required to apply for the tournament within 15 days of the publication of tournament notice from ANFA.

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