Inauguration of Martyrs Memorial League

  • 2018-09-29

Martyrs Memorial League is back after five years. The first match was played between New Road Team and Tribhuvan Army Club. Prior to the match ANFA hosted opening ceremony in which different celebrities and delegates showed their presence. The opening ceremony was hosted by Sandip Chhetry best known for his TV show what the flop. The program started with panche baja and lakhe dance followed by introduction of 14 teams. Jitu Nepal made the crowd rolling with laughter with his comic performance. Yogeswor Amatya further made the crowd dance with his lovely voice. Today ANFA also introduced their brand new website with refreshed design made by Logispark Technologies. The site was inaugurated by Mr. Jagat Bahadur Sunar. Bigyan Raj Sharma ,President A Davison League Committee, Renaud Meyer country director UNDP and President of ANFA Karma Tshering Sherpa also shared their thoughts about the league.

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