Machhindra Club Victorious Over Saraswoti Youth Club

  • 2018-12-21

Machhindra Club(MC) came from behind to secure 3 important points against Saraswoti Youth Club(SYC) on ongoing Pulsar Martyr's Memorial A-Division League 2018 today(21th Dec, 2018).Though the game started bad for MC,it favoured well after 30 minutes. Sanjay Rajbahak from MC scored suicide goal during clearance providing  SYC a lead. Later, on 16th minute, Captain Bishal Rai scored an equalizer for MC. And, Vassadia Diamande, Anil Gurung and Bikash Rai followed the score on 20th, 25th and 91st minute of the game respectively. Despite the good attack, SYC failed to score on the second half.On the first half, Francis Onyeama scored for SYC on 36th minute of the game. Bishal Rai(17) captain of MC wins man of the match award for his heroic performance. The final score was MC 4-2 SYC.



The live action of the match is available here.



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